Faith Is One Step At A Time

Faith is the grease that keeps the machinery of life lubricated.  When we are clogged with the grit and grime of self doubt, worry, and a lack of confidence, the gears of our ability to think clearly and function well grind down.

If we don’t have faith, everything comes to a screeching halt!

Sometimes it may seem there’s no possible way to resolve your problems. The best thing to do when faced with multiple challenges is to fill up your faith tank!

Here are some simple reminders:

  • Even on the darkest of days — no matter how gloomy the outlook may seem — trust that God will never give you more than you are able to handle.  
  • Ask God to help you concentrate on your priorities and give them each the attention that they deserve.  
  • Make a habit of praying as soon as you awaken to ask God for the wisdom to deal with the problems that come your way throughout the day.  Don’t let worries about what might lurk around the corner distract you from what needs to be worked on right now!  
  • In order to address the problems that you encounter, it is important to record these experiences and document the steps that you took to overcome them. Make certain you review your notes on a regular basis. As you begin to look back at what you’ve overcome, you’ll discover many of the issues were handled in similar fashion, and you’ll also begin to notice that as you determine what works and what doesn’t, solutions begin to flow with lots more ease and speed.   
  • You should always remember to ask God for His assistance. Writing down how He helped you with each issue is very important.  
  • Remember to always praise the Lord for the things that you receive.   

As time progresses and you see more and more of his grace in your life, you’ll find you have less trouble overcoming your challenges.  The key to victory lies in taking things one step at a time, letting God show you what to do and trusting in His guidance. 

Are you overwhelmed by issues in your life?  

Have you asked for God’s guidance and assistance?  

Can you tackle your issues day by day with trust and faith in God’s promise to never leave or forsake you?

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